I will admit that I stopped by a bar my friend works at after the show last night and caught up with him for a bit… and may have had three gin and tonics… Wow—when you all but stop drinking completely, and then treat yourself to a few relaxing adult beverages, it’s surprising how much your body will make it’s resounding disapproval of that whole idea known when you wake up the next day. Ufffff…. Okay, body, I hear you! I do really enjoy a nice gin and tonic, but I’ll keep it to a minimum in the future… Being HEALTHY now and all that… As much as I did not feel like walking today, I knew it would be the best thing for me…

* * *

Yep, this corner of the Mission is still beautiful…

Mission District

My intent was to stop by the Mission Philz and then go read in Precita Park for a spell, but it felt good to get my metabolism moving—so when I reached Precita I just kept walking up Folsom… up, up, and away…

Digging these handmade signs in a window…

signs in a window

And the patina of use and time evident on this garage door…old garage door

And the cottage-in-the-woods vibe happening here…

Bernal Heights on June 19, 2015 walk

I guess I’m going for a hike today!! I’ve only ever gone up to the top of Bernal Heights by car before…

Pffft, driving… why drive when you have legs?

If I were loaded and had such a house, I would commission awesome murals for the side of it, too…

house and city view

flowers and city view

houses and city view

Ah, now we’re getting to the good stuff…

San Francisco view from Bernal Heights

panorama of Bernal Heights Trail

(click me to expand and zoom and scroll)

San Francisco view from Bernal Heights

Scottie dog going for a trot! I mean, ahem, look at the bay!

* * *

And the view from the top… I wonder if I was a bird in a previous life, or an airplane pilot, or a professional hang-glider… Hot air balloonist? I will never, ever grow tired of just sitting quietly and gazing out over the city from heights like this…

San Francisco view from Bernal Heights

the skyscrapers in downtown and the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island at top right; with SoMa, Potrero Hill, and the Mission District in the foreground

San Francisco view from Bernal Heights

(click me to expand and zoom and scroll)

Sutro Tower and San Francisco view from Bernal Heights

Sutro Tower, with the Mission, Noe Valley, and Eureka Valley

* * *

Wait for it………

* * *

Surveying my queendom…

I felt pretty goofy setting a timer and trying to get myself in frame without falling off the cliff while a troupe of teenagers off to the side watched, but, sometimes you just gotta be a part of something. I heart SF.

San Francisco view from Bernal Heights

I wandered back down the other side of Bernal Heights through the steep neighborhood streets and wound up on the other side of the freeway, headed down Bayshore, which is not exactly the most picturesque part of town. I did find this pretty flower once I got back to the Mission, though…

detail of pink passion flower

Much kombucha and other hydration was consumed upon my return home. The grade isn’t super steep once you are in the park, but my entire route on a scorcher of a day like today will properly kick your butt. (In the best possible way!)

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • ELEVATION INFO: Gain +449.5 ft., max 400 ft.
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Mission District, Bernal Heights, Bayview