I kept thinking I would take some kind of transportation at some point today.

But then I just kept walking…

PART ONE: Errands in the Mission and Potrero Hill

One of my main ideas with this project is to share the big sights of San Francisco, many of which I still haven’t explored even though I’ve lived here for the better part of a decade. We’ve got “big sights” aplenty, that part is easy—no shortage of things to make the otherwise-seasoned city girl oooh and ahhh over with big eyes and glee… Another theme is simply taking advantage of the vantage point of being on foot, and looking more closely at surroundings we travel through everyday—though usually zooming past at speed via Lyft/MUNI/fixie/Uber/scooter/taxi… Learning how the streets meet and the things that live on them; finding the small sights…

(Ah, just found a great resource for mural hunters: SF Mural Arts!)

MUNI buses

SF MUNI Potrero Division lot

wind mobiles

Along 17th Street at Florida

reflections in shop window

reflection in shop window

(credit for photo in window to come)

vintage neon sign

Vintage Neon Sighting

detail image of mural

Murals (and grafitti) everywhere…

detail of mural

Always like passing this guy. He seems so contented.

view of Mission District from rooftop

Mission District rooftop: Hello Karl and Sutro, how are you fellas today?

Mission Street

Mission Street

Sutro Tower, Karl the Fog, Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, Karl the Fog, Sutro Tower

PART TWO: Appointment in South Park

detail of mural

SOMA mural

South Park

South Park. Just dogs, no Cartman.

alleyway. things past.

SOMA, alleyway. Things past.

(NB: DO NOT walk through South of Market in the vicinity of the freeway onramps during weekday rush-hour. Ever, if it all possible. UGH. So many tired, cranky people and cars arguing about who gets to go first. Total zoo, bristly energy. Yikes!)

PART THREE: Shooting a show at The Independent

ornate ceiling in wells fargo bank

ceiling of the entryway of the Wells Fargo Bank on Montgomery Street

Union Square

Union Square whites and blues

Powell Street

Powell Street

ACT Theatre on Market Street

Color blocking (the new ACT Theatre)

United Nations Plaza

United Nations Plaza

panorama of United Nations Plaza and City Hall

setting up for City Hall’s birthday party (click me to expand and zoom and scroll)

* * *

MADE IT. Long walk. Long day. Going well, taking care of business, but the awful commuters really throw one off. Also, sunblock is your friend. On the way to the Indy my I felt the skin on my face letting me know that it had had enough for one day. Can someone figure out how to tattoo permanent sunblock? Because that would be FABULOUS.

Taylor McFerrin opened for Jaga Jazzist, and I photographed the show for SF Station. Taylor McFerrin was awesome, and made a new fan out of me. Jaga Jazzist is one of those bands you just need to see play live at least once to get the full affect of what they’re doing. Amazing live show, or rather, spectacle!

stage at The Independent

waiting for Jaga Jazzist

PART FOUR: Home. To bed. For sleeping. So tired.

This is the part where you’d really expect me to hail a cab, but the show had been restorative, and I love walking at night. The route is usually fairly populated and the hour wasn’t too late…

displays in Haight Street shop windows

Chairy!! And, Sign o’ the Times. (Lower Haight Street window displays)

neon sign for Joe's Barber shop

Just a little off the top, please… (Clever New Neon sighting)

* * *

Map of my epic adventure in wearing out my shoes to come…

MILES WALKED: so many.

NEIGHNORHOODS: most of them…..