I’ve been really loving this newly-institued “Make Time to Explore” policy. I know not everyone works for themselves and so can organize their day as they wish, but before I had to do daily walking maintenance, I still made excuses and told myself there just wasn’t enough time to do certain things… I think I watched a lot of shows on Netflix? Probably also had a lot to do with being a night owl and not being super motivated to get up and get going in the morning…

* * *

Netflix can’t compete with all the new things San Francisco has to feed one’s head with, though. Today, when leaving my chiropractor’s office, I had a vague notion of walking towards the water by way of Lombard Street (I haven’t been to the twisty part in 20 years, and it’s my new self-appointed job to be a tourist in my own city, so why not.) I hadn’t yet walked up the Taylor Street hill, so…


Ahem. I mean, wow, here we have an example of how San Francisco’s topography means there are stunning views of the skyline/famousbridge/bay/sutrotower/hills/heights/somethingpretty around most corners. This is the Bay Bridge and downtown from Ina Coolbrith Park, which is no longer on the list of things I previously didn’t know existed.
InnCool01-14jun2015Today was overcast and kind of gray, so I moved on. Will be back. (Note from the future: the few times I’ve hiked back through, there have been people practicing Tai Chi in the park—should give you a good idea of the vibe here!)

* * *

Next up was Lombard Street, the “Crookedest Street in the World.” (FYI, the route I took up Lombard from Taylor is very steep, as well.) I forgot there were so many flowers… I did not forget there are mobs of tourists, only now they have selfie-sticks… Still, the view of the city from the top is yet another wide, spectacular vista, and worth the climb…





I continued on down into Fort Mason because it seemed like the thing to do… There was a farmer’s market today (every Sunday, in fact), and also a Gem Show happening in the Fort Mason Center… I almost checked it out, but decided to make a note to watch their calendar and come back another day when I had more time. All kinds of shows happen there, glad for the reminder to keep it on the radar…

* * *

Always nice to see the water, and found this beautiful object in a coffee shop—or rather “a bar, cafe, and events space that feels like stepping into an eccentric genius’ well-appointed personal library”—that about sums it up. Now I know where to get coffee when I see my next show out this way…


Onward! I decided to just walk straight UP and over the hill for the route home. Google tried to suggest a route that was not a mountain, but I wanted to tackle the hills. I’m still learning how to use the muscles in my legs differently to take the pressure off of my lower back (after 20 years of slouching forward under a heavy backpack), and steep hills feel great and work the right muscles…06-14-15-InCoolbrith07

Oh look, yet another park I didn’t know existed… trying to get home to work, so just cut through this outer path and will come back another time to investigate…06-14-15-InCoolbrith08

Lafayette Park in San Francisco

panorama of Lafayette Park

(click me to expand and zoom and scroll)

Lafayette Park in San Francisco

Continuing on up Gough…

First thought: “Have fun storming the castle!!”

church and sky

*not* a Medieval Times restaurant

* * *

I wasn’t surprised to look up this building and learn that: “Trinity Episcopal Church was established in 1849 and is the oldest Episcopal church on the Pacific Coast. It is the second oldest congregation in the City of San Francisco.” Their website also notes that they have historically been LGBTQ friendly, and are involved with Project Open Hand and the  Interfaith Homeless Shelter program. Five stars!

church and sky

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: 8 (I took the bus to the doctor’s)
  • ELEVATION DATA: Gain +663 ft., max 358 ft.
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Russian Hill, Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Hayes Valley/Civic Center, Mission District
  • DESIGNATED LANDMARKS: Trinity Episcopal Church (no. 65)

map of June 14, 2015 walk