To Doctor G today, and then a photo shoot appointment next to Alamo Square. I’m getting into this whole being healthy thing… I was athletic in high school, so my body remembers feeling strong and it’s liked all of these recent changes… You know how doctors tell you to eat right, exercise, etc? Yeah, they’re on to something. Walking to Russian Hill and then over to my appointment felt like a great way to spend the afternoon…

* * *

City Hall, always ready for her close-up.
City Hall, San Francisco

And on through the quiet streets of Pacific Heights to admire the amazing bay views off down the hill, and all of the fancy curves and swashes decorating the buildings along the way… Pacific Heights apartment building

Pacific Heights apartment buildings

Pretty church on Fillmore (Calvary Presbyterian Church)…06-11-15-HeightsHayes04

I don’t think I had any idea how many churches we have in this town. Tripping over them every time I turn a corner… This next one (St. Dominic’s, below) even has buttresses!! The art historian in me can’t help but be awed by the architecture of buildings like this (their website says that tours are available, if you are interested in seeing all of the art and stained glass inside)…06-11-15-HeightsHayes05


It’s hot today, but that just reminds me think of powering through the second half of a soccer game, knowing that I got to kick back afterwards with refreshments and good-tired in my limbs… I also downloaded a GPS tracker app for my phone yesterday night, and knowing that it’s tracking away today has already clued me in to how people get nuts about their step counters,  trying to out-do themselves! Ha.

Alamo Square! Home of the vista point for millions of tourists who have seen Full House… Also, none-too-shabby views of downtown, if you’re into fabulous skylines seen through massive trees…view of San Francisco from Alamo Square Park

NB: the other side of the park has some lovely Ladies, as well…06-11-15-HeightsHayes08



You may have seen these house before on a post card or two… Or two hundred…San Francisco skyline and Painted Ladies

San Francisco skyline and Painted Ladies

Love this city.

Photo shoot was a success!

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: 7.86
  • ELEVATION INFO: Gain +499 ft. (max 308 ft.)
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Russian Hill, Pacific Heights, Western Addition/Lower Haight, Mission District
  • DESIGNATED LANDMARKS: Calvary Presbyterian Church, (no. 103), City Hall (no. 21)

June 11, 2015 walking map