Yesterday really solidified a desire in me to change up my routines, and start crossing things off my “one day I will do this” list… Even if it is a small thing, like…

Getting a library card. I will now confess my secret shame: I design books for a living and I had never been to the San Francisco Public Library until today. In my defense, I am surrounded by books at work, end up with free books as a part of my job, I frequent bookstores (shop local!!!), and basically live in my own private library… BUT STILL.

* * *

Being inside the main building (finally, after walking past it for 10 years) gave me strange sense-memories of spending many hours researching school papers in my local libraries (with only books, pre-internet!)…

I found the titles I had in mind, and walked around a bit…author name art installation at San Francisco Public Library main branch

Above is “Constellation”, by artist Nayland Blake, lighting by Architectural Lighting Design. The SFPL website says:

The artist’s work is inspired by a Beaux Arts tradition with origins in the Bibliotheque Saint-Genevieve in Paris (a model for the old Main Library). On that building, authors’ names were inscribed on the facade according to the location of their works inside.

* * *

View from an upper floor window of the Asian Art Museum and Civic Center…Asian Art Museum from San Francisco Public Library


Ahhh! I love this mural/installation, below… Exactly the kind of thing I wish I’d do with all of the art supplies and ephemera I’ve collected over the years because “I’ll make something with this someday…” So much interesting detail…

Untitled (1990-1995)—an ambitious work of art by Ann Hamilton, Ann Chamberlain, and two hundred “scribes”—is a mural composed of 50,000 card catalogue cards that were abandoned when the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library digitized and moved to its new home in 1996. The cards are annotated with book passages and illustrations in a number of languages and styles.

card catalog mural in SF Public Library main branch

card catalog mural in SF Public Library main branch

Back home past the beautiful City Hall and arts buildings…

panorama of City Hall and War Memorial Opera House

(click me to expand and zoom and scroll)

City Hall

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: about 3
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Civic Center, Mission District
  • DESIGNATED LANDMARKS: City Hall (no. 21)

June 10, 2015 map