Just a short walk today, as my regular job requires the lion’s share of my attention. I used to spend most of a day running every errand I might need to take care of, but spreading trips to different places is a good way to turn everything into a bit of exercise. Happy spine!

* * *

Speaking of backbones, the meridian along Dolores Street is populated by a solid row of large palms, which have made it always one of my favorite streets to travel. In the middle of “everything,” yet always relatively quiet and like walking through a park:

date palms along the median of Dolores StreetI didn’t have time to take a bunch of photos, but making this day’s post made me wonder how all of those trees came to be there. Still looking for their origination, but I did find out that I’m not the only one who thinks they are special—turns out they are on San Francisco’s short list of Landmark Trees, and are protected. They are Canary Island Date Palms, and the San Francisco Public Works website defines Landmark Trees as:

“Landmark trees are trees that have been designated by the Board of Supervisors as extra special.  It may be due to the rareness of the species, their size or age, or extraordinary structure, or ecological contribution.  In addition, historical or cultural importance can qualify a tree for Landmark Status.”

(If you are super interested in all of San Francisco’s urban forest, I came across this website and blog by Mike Sullivan while looking up info about Dolores’ palms: San Francisco Trees)

The SF Environment website has a lot of other information about the Landmark Tree program, and a map of all of the Landmark and other protected trees within San Francisco. Bookmarked for future walking…

(Update, July 18th: I took some more photos of the trees today!)

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: about 2
  • ELEVATION: about 125 feet
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Mission District

June 08 Map