It’s sunny today! It’s been gray or I’ve been in too much pain to care about lanterns most of the times I’ve been up this way, but today it’s bright and sunny, my spirits are bright-eyed and chilled-out, and I am enjoying the very simple pleasure of walking without having to think about making every movement a careful one. I remember in the first couple of days, seeing people skateboarding down the sidewalk, or running, or even carrying heavy things, and being SO JEALOUS. I was happy if I could get through a crosswalk in the allotted Walking Man time, and it just seemed like everyone else was doing goddamned MAGIC TRICKS. So, just being able to walk and having it be so easy—dig it. Let’s go see Chinatown be bright and colorful…

What is this? You mean the cable cars actually live somewhere? They are perpetually lumbering by, accompanied by the sound of a swarm of bees, doing their jobs as San Francisco mascots; it seems strange to see them quietly parked in (a neat old-brick building of) a garage… (noted for checking out another day…)

Cable Car station garage

Pretty light/sign and great view of the Transamerica Pyramid… this is the Chinese Historical Society of America museum, which I didn’t know existed… it’s not open just yet today, but also noted for visiting another time…

exterior of Chinese American Museum in Chinatown


Empress of China building on Grant Street

Really great old neon sign…

Empress Jewelry sign

More really great old neon, and one of the iconic Chinatown lanterns…

Old neon hotel sign and lamp post in Chinatown

It was such a beautiful day, so I wanted to go visit the Martin Luther King Fountains. I love Yerba Buena Lane, which cuts through the city block and joins Market and Mission Streets. The combination of the super-modern Contemporary Jewish Museum building and the old St. Patrick’s Church are otherworldly when lit at night by just small lamps and the ambient glow from Market Street; during the day being able to see the full contrast of details and shapes is striking and impressive. I detour through here whenever I can; so gorgeous.

Never gets old…

Jewish Museum shop and St. Patrick Church

Today, I noticed a sign in one of the Jewish Museum windows about an exhibit involving one of my favorite things… Don’t mind if I do. How many cool exhibits and things did I miss before because I was being a workaholic at my desk and didn’t notice they were happening? Added to my list of things to do.

window sign reading: BOOK SHOW

Jewish Museum reflection…

window reflection, Yerba Buena Lane

And to the Fountains… The Yerba Buena Gardens website says:

Behind a majestic waterfall 20 feet high and 50 feet wide are twelve shimmering glass panels set in Sierra granite and inscribed with Dr. King’s inspiring words, poems and images from the civil rights movement. … Artist and sculptor, Houston Conwill, created this memorial in collaboration with poet Estella Conwill Majoza and architect Joseph De Pace. Conwill said Revelations offers a … contemplative metaphorical journey of transformation. Visitors walk … through the rushing and cascading waters to experience a “baptism” of water…

Martin Luther King Memorial Waterfall and SFMOMA

Easily one of my favorite places in the entire city.

ChinaMLK10-02Jun2015p.s., “Before,” if I felt like a snack and winding down at night, I’d probably pop over to the corner store and grab a nice IPA and a little bag of kettle chips. Tonight, I got peckish and, gravitating towards what I was hungry for, put this bowl of rabbit food together and made tea. And then I laughed at myself. PARTY! They say it takes 30 days to forge new habits—I guess motivation cuts that down by at least half?! Rabbit food is the new black.

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: 5.95
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Civic Center, Russian Hill, Chinatown, Market Street/Downtown, SoMa, Mission District
  • DESIGNATED LANDMARKS: St. Patrick’s Church (no. 4), Chinese Historical Society of America (no. 122)

map of June 2, 2015 walk