Today marks one week of being injured and going to see Doctor G for the first time. I almost can’t believe how much mobility I have, and how much better I feel. I still have to do everything slowly, and try not to bend or twist at the waist, things like that—but I can move. I wake up achey and stiff, but it just takes some careful leverage to get up off of my “bed” on the floor, as opposed to planning and wincing. It is exciting and stupendous!!! I have been sticking to Doctor G’s instructions for my diet, and vitamins, and everything else, and it’s working. I can put my socks on with ease! I’ve been taking naps when I get home because I’m so exhausted from walking, healing, pain (which is not at all super intense like it was, but still constant and exhausting)… I woke up yesterday and it didn’t hurt when I tried to move. I gleefully exclaimed out loud to my cats and otherwise empty room “Do I get to keep this???!?!?!” YES. YES YOU DO!

* * *

To Doctor G’s, and a bit through Chinatown. I do have an actual job and work I’m supposed to be doing. No time for wandering today, but trying out some new streets, anyway… Red, green, yellow…

two brick buildings in Chinatown in San Francisco

One of these days, the sun will come out when I am here and I can make some nice images of the brilliant red lanterns with bright, warm light and blue sky. Grant Avenue:



black and white street scene of a view of Chinatown in San Francisco

Where should I go to tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: about 6, estimating what I remember of this route (I don’t have a GPS map of this day)
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Civic Center, Nob Hill, Chinatown