The internet machine showed me a picture that reminded me that Grace Cathedral, one of the most serene and lovely building in San Francisco, is only a few short blocks away…Street scene in Russian Hill/Nob Hill

short blocks, steep hills…

and cable car tracks…steep hill and street scene in Nob Hill

Nob Hill apartment balconies and fire escapes…

architectural detail of apartment building in Nob Hill

Here we are. Grace Cathedral sits on top of a hill, at the top of wide terraces of steps. I visited the interior way back when I was in design school, and saw the Keith Haring triptych in the small chapel shortly after it was installed. I was also given a pamphlet about the building’s architecture and an informal tour by a friendly clergyman who happened to be there that day. Any cathedral that proudly features a Keith Haring piece is my kind of cathedral…

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

You can see Huntington Park, The Huntington Hotel, and the Masonic Center from the steps…

panoramic view from the steps of Grace Cathedral

(click me to expand and zoom and scroll)

* * *

Hotel Huntington from the steps of Grace Cathedral…

Russian Hill and Grace Cathedral

Detail of the Grace Cathedral main doors…

Russian Hill and Grace Cathedral

Just in time for the noon church bells… Majestic.

Grace Cathedral

I walked carefully down the VERY steep hill of Taylor just to test my legs and coordination. Getting stronger… When I get home I still strap ice to my person with a large, stretchy back brace and pass out on my floor-bed, but getting stronger. I still can’t ride a bus for the jostling, or make any sudden moves, but I feel like I’m going to be just fine, and it feels like a total victory once I get home to have put the miles in. Exhausted, happy.

Where should I go tomorrow?

  • MILES WALKED: Map says about 5.5, with meandering about 7
  • NEIGHBORHOODS: Civic Center, Nob Hill, Tenderloin, Mission Distritct
  • DESIGNATED LANDMARKS: Grace Cathedral (no. 170)