The night before, I tried to sit or stand at a bar (drinking water!) with a friend. I lasted about an hour before I had to give up… This day, I tried to make myself breakfast, but suddenly broke into a cold sweat and my vision blacked out when I walked the dozen steps to my kitchen… fun times! not sure how I was able to make it blindly, but got to my floor-bed and lowered myself gingerly before I passed out completely. I spoke to another friend on the phone, who told me stories of his own back injury, and helped me figure out how to get up again. Another friend was due to arrive, and take me for a walk. Must get presentable…

* * *

When this guy got to my place, we decided to keep it simple, and he suggested meandering down Folsom and South Van Ness (they’re quite lovely in the Mission). Good idea! I had to remind him to slow down to my snail-pace shuffle (broken! moving slow.), but we had some of that perfect bright-and-sunny Mission weather and good company. Having so many well-wishes in my pocket and a solid plan for recovery works wonders for buoying one’s spirits. Some chill time in Precita Park with Philz Coffee helps, too!

* * *

I hadn’t thought to make this blog yet, so I wasn’t snapping as many photos as I started to later. Just a few of this impressive paint job…

The lion says rawwwwrrrr….


* * *

Someone passing us on the sidewalk wondered aloud if this house was a birthday cake…


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